Digital Coloring Books and Other Wellness Apps You Should Be Using

One of the hottest trends in wellness and self-care is coloring. Coloring books for adults have become wildly popular and many people now turn to fun coloring books and crayons, markers and colored pencils to relax at the end of the day. There are even swear word filled coloring books and coloring books that put adult spins on the classic children’s coloring book. But many others turn to apps that give them the same creativity and wellness benefits without the mess and without the need for expensive art supplies.

There are digital coloring book apps that you can get on smartphones. You can use a stylus or just finger to change colors, color in small sections, and create beautiful finished art. You can save your creations as photos or print them out. They range in price from free to a couple of dollars. The most popular coloring book apps are Colorfy and Pigment but there are others. Check out some other great wellness apps that will help you manage stress and relax:


If you’re trying to eat healthier Fooducate is a great app to have. It’s a comprehensive diet and wellness app that has a huge database of brand name foods. Using the app you can find out what brands are healthier than others and how much nutrition is actually in the food that you’re choosing to eat. The app makes it easy to find out detailed information about a food by scanning the bar code on the container. So you can look up a food by name or just scan it to find out all about it. If you’re trying to give your body a healthier diet this is an easy way to make better food choices. Eating healthy is a big part of staying mentally and physically healthy. But people get easily overwhelmed by how much information there is about a healthy diet. So often it seems like experts can’t agree on what a healthy diet is. Fooducate gives you the tools that you need to decide what a healthy diet is for yourself by presenting facts about the foods that you eat.

Meditation Oasis

Meditation Oasis has many different free and low-cost meditations. This app features guided meditations which are great for beginners who haven’t done much meditating. Guided meditations make it easier to get into a meditative state and they provide some structure throughout the meditation so that you can just relax. Meditation Oasis has a suite of apps ranging from hour long guided meditations to short quick stress and anxiety-busting breathing exercises. Several health insurance companies recommend Meditation Oasis apps to help people manage stress and anxiety in a healthy way without medication.

Pocket Yoga

If you’re a yoga enthusiast this is a great app to have. It demonstrates different yoga poses and has structured series of yoga poses that anyone can do. Even if you’re a yoga beginner there are plenty of poses demonstrated in Pocket Yoga that you can do safely. You can keep track of your progress and even video your yoga practice so that you can see where you need to improve. This app is great for people who travel and don’t have the time or access to yoga classes regularly. It’s also great for people who want to try doing some yoga at lunch or on a break to destress during the day but can’t get away to a full yoga class. If you’ve been thinking about trying yoga you should try Pocket Yoga to see if you want to commit to a full yoga class.